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16.07.2024   |  Development and support of Internet projects, Web sites, software…
Slavin - Internet Technologies company provides Web-applications development services on the basis of the clients' multiple requests.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request.

Development and support of Internet projects, Web sites and software

Slavin - Internet Technologies Company specializes in professional IT systems development starting from web-sites and software and to development and start up of projects of significant complexity.

We employ professional programmers, designers and managers. Moreover, the development process is regulated and clear for interested parties.

We offer solutions for every budget and within any reasonable period of time. Moreover, we are eager to work out your project better than you have imagined, by offering our suggestion that is based on our working experience.

We do not limit our services to just project design, we offer complex solutions, including hosting, project promotion and support.

Having operated on the web-programming market since 2004, our company gained significant experience in this sphere, learned to react promptly on new technologies appearance and to implement them quickly to the process of complex projects creation.

Our task is not only to create a high-quality tool for your business in the web.
We are interested in existence and development of your project.
  • Our approach, our reputation
    • We offer you our reputation, the reputation of the people who make only successful projects. We undertake only those projects, in which we believe. Our principle is to do only the work, which can bring more, than was paid for it.
    • We offer you our guarantees that your project will be fully functional, and will not get stuck at any stage of processing, we also ensure you that we will not turn away in the middle of the development process, and will be ready to find the best solution for any embarrassing situation, you may encounter.
    • We offer you our experience and erudition in the field of IT-solutions. We know, what approach is working, when and why it is working, and we can share this information with you, moreover, we can use it for the benefit of your project. Be ready, that if you missed something within the scope of our expertise, we will definitely note it and take care of it. We will not remain silent about impending threats of your endeavor; and if it is necessary, we will offer you several options for any hidden problems.
  • Our work
    • We sell IT solution services, and our solution is the result of work of the professionals in this field. All your needs, will be satisfied at the consistently high level, everything will be working perfectly, so you will have an opportunity to maximize the freedom of your action, and to open some new options of development.
    • The design and the idea of presenting information is one of the most significant aspects of a website. Submission of information affects the consumers’ perception directly. Due to this fact, our designers qualitatively do their job, so our work will attract your customers.
    • Another component of the successful project is an advertising and understanding of your customers. Among our employees there are experts of online advertising and marketing, they see how our solutions can be promoted, in addition they have all of the necessary tools and techniques to run your site, and they know how to use it effectively.
    • And what about the content of the sites, information? Our reporters and editors can work with the texts and another content of your site, just give them simple abstract answers on their questions and get ready to find the finished text on your website. We can convert the available materials from other languages, then we can supply it by the images (if it is necessary, you can work with our photographer).
  • Dialogue and Management
    • We always bring our and yours understanding of the problem in the common way, not only on paper, but in our heads. You can be sure, that we do not assign you a price, and do not start working until the clear understanding of your task.
    • We make audit, to identify how your formulation of the problem can solve its objectives, making sure, that you are able to use our solution and checking its completeness and significance. Otherwise, we will find the compromise for your tasks, and you would able to use the solution.
    • We help you to make a choice professionally. This fact is easy for understanding by the example of advertising. What is better - to spend money on promotion, development, or on the contextual advertising? Or, maybe, none of this ways will be effective, because the client manager misses the major advantage (e.g., he forgets to announce you, that customers can be served in their own, or in the online system now, or about free delivery in the city)? We help you to identify high-priority areas of your work.
    • When the IT system or a website is designed, and the money is paid, our work is not finished yet. We are always ready to advise your staff, how to use the developed system; we will help them in its implementation and configuration.
  • Support
    • We can locate your resources on our servers, and then we can help you to set up your software (software), to work with our services (e.g., e-mail clients).
    • Advertising and promotion. Do you want to attract people to your site? Do you want to increase the sales, or to make your project famous and recognizable? All these targets will be engaged by our advertising specialists.
    • If you changed, or want to change some of conditions, we are ready to continue the cooperation, because we are always opened to our customers.
    • If you have not enough time for your site, we will undertake the full range of support and development of your website; we will work out the most suitable schemes of work for you, and will effectively protect your interests.
    • We guarantee that we will eliminate all of the identified defects after the delivery of the project. Moreover if we are cooperating, and your projects are located on our servers, the warranty is extended indefinitely.
We know how to help your company to maintain its good reputation and develop your business successfully in the extremely competitive sphere.

Highly experienced employees of Slavin - Internet Technologies company offer complex solutions for the most significant challenges of your business.
  • The company managers will help you to determine the most successful way of your Internet-project development, on the basis of marketing research.
  • It-specialists will develop the engineering part of your project, on the basis of yours requirements and goals.
  • Designers will create a unique visual representation of your project that will enable you to stand out among your competitors.
  • Consultants of our company will swiftly answer any your questions and will help you to find the best possible decision for the goals of your Internet-project.
Slavin - Internet Technologies company approaches individually to execution of a project of any degree of complexity.
How to order a site development?
A development by our company can be requested by any way suitable you:
  • To fill-in the Follow-up form, having indicated brief functional requirements
  • To call the telephone numbers +7 (812) 9251751 or +972 (52) 5200008 and ask any questions of interest.

As an Internet-company, we cooperate distantly with all countries. We have a vast experience of distant work with our clients.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request and on the basis of MS-SQL and ASP.NET MVC (C# + EF/LINQ)
The products are designed for well-defined business tasks.