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30.05.2024   |  Development and support of Internet projects, Web sites, software…
Slavin - Internet Technologies company provides Web-applications development services on the basis of the clients' multiple requests.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request.

Project development cost

Any our project implies team work of not less than five employees during one, three or seven month. Moreover, there specialists are very experiences and competent, they have good equipment and get decent wage. Only working in such a way, you can get really good results. Is you are offered a corporate site which costs 300$ or 600$ and consider it a favorable offer, than agree to this business offer!
Our customers are those people who see difference between high and low quality of designers, managers or programmers work. This can be compared to difference between BMW and Auto VAZ companies – they are operating on the same sphere, but production quality is different.
Professional projects development is the price for efficient business tool.
For every project an individual business proposal is composed. It includes detailed description of all the possible development variants.
Our company also focuses on work by complex contracts and work with long-term customers.
For our customer's convenience, we developed a system of flexible discounts for our services.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request and on the basis of MS-SQL and ASP.NET MVC (C# + EF/LINQ)
The products are designed for well-defined business tasks.