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16.07.2024   |  Development and support of Internet projects, Web sites, software…
Slavin - Internet Technologies company provides Web-applications development services on the basis of the clients' multiple requests.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request.

Advantages of programs development by our company

  • Drive for results
    We focus on achievement of goals which are set up before development of any product starts. We professionally solve even the most difficult problems by extensive studying the customers' operation peculiarities, their competitors and make our customer stand out of competitors.
  • Professionalism
    We will never economize on product quality. In our company every task is fulfilled by a highly professional specialist.
  • High-quality work
    Projects, developed by our company are tested in the most popular browsers. Programming components of the projects are tested to process great amount of data.
  • The whole range of services
    We provide services "as a whole". You needn't look for designers, programmers, hosting. We already have everything: services of design, programming, hosting, promotion, redesign and sites support! We provide our customers safe and quick hosting and it costs usually less than in other companies, and this enables you to spare money.
  • Individual approach
    We do never use clichés for our developments (we use them only where they are really needed) as we understand that any task should approached individually to be fulfilled as successful as possible. We spare time, efforts, nerves of our customers and provide them possibility to focus on their business management.
  • For free
    We provide for free the preliminary estimation of the project and give our customers advice for any questions which they are interested in while the site is under development.
  • We guarantee safety
    At the beginning of our cooperation we sign a contract with you, and include to this contract all the requirements and conditions, so that you can be sure that your project will be finished successfully.
  • Guarantees
    We provide a life-time guarantee for all types of sites, which were developed by us. That means that customers can contact us any time after they receive the site and find an error. We do not leave our customers and majority of our customers are our long standing partners.
  • Honesty and belief in good partnership relations
    We don't have now and won't have in the future any "concealed" notes in long technical specifications. We will never cut off the customers' site because of payments delays and we are always happy to help and solve your problems within our operating sphere.
  • Exclusive rights for the programme are owned by the customer
    • Exclusive rights for the software are owned by your company. Your finance department is to post the software cost to acc. 04 "Intangible assets"
    • Exclusive rights for the software enable your company to modify, sell and use your software without any limitations. Exclusive rights can also be passed to another company.
    • Copyright for the software implementing model are automatically owned by you or your company as technical specification is registered to your company name. The contract, technical specification and act of rendered services availability with dates indicated at the documents prove the fact of the software development.
  • You can always contact us as we are ready to discuss your tasks in person
  • Free preparation and analysis before the programme is created
  • Life-time guarantee
  • Original texts, cheap modification of your programme by our programmers
  • 100% licensed software
  • Unlimited usage period
  • Unlimited number of places and installments to working places
  • Absence of hardware and programming security keys and other inconveniences which often lead to dead-time
  • Possibility of support, software installation including possibility of specialists business trips

Detailed consultations of the customer are obligatory in the process of work with our client.
Only detailed consultations of our professionals will help you to get an insight into advantages and disadvantages of different development methods and make a correct decision so that avoid mistakes in project planning.

Site SEO is the main way to attract target audience to your site.
That is necessary to get the most efficient work of your site. Still while projecting future resource, our specialists give special attention to SEO. We will prove you that site optimized for promotion in SE systems, can reach extraordinary results even with reasonable finance investments.

Training of customer's employees – after the works are finished, we provide consultations and trainings of employees of the client company. We explain by giving examples and show ways of efficient site support. While training we answer any questions which you are interested in and provide detailed instruction for management and support of the developed site.

We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request and on the basis of MS-SQL and ASP.NET MVC (C# + EF/LINQ)
The products are designed for well-defined business tasks.