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Importance of SEO, SEA and SEM for your online business

A man, who doesn't know anything about search optimization and its importance for online business development, probably didn't think about SEO.

In the modern world of search optimization, online business competition is even harder than the competition in the real world. Every site owner wants:
  • his/her website to be on top of the search results, at least higher than the main rivals
  • increase of the number of target surfers
  • increase of the site profit
The solution is simple: order search optimization from Slavin – Internet Technologies. We will take care of security and profitability of your business.

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, or simply, a bunch of methods that allow improving the site ranking in search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.). The optimization is made manually, without any fraudulent scripts and "black hat" technologies. It is the purest and the most effective form of site optimization, because there is no risk that your site will be banned and the profit will be lost.

Effective Search Engine Optimization can be done only by professionals, because SEO – is not just a button that improves your position in site ranking after you press it. The real process is long and difficult and includes both internal and external optimization operations.

Internal operations are listed below:
  • Link structure optimization
  • Optimization of the textual information
  • Optimization of tags and meta-tags (meta-tags affect not only the site position in search engines but also a description that users see under the link to your site)
  • Images optimization (competent tags editing allows your site to be ranked higher in Search by images)
  • Code optimization
  • Page caching realization (increases the loading speed of your website)
External operations include posting of links leading to your website. Links posting should not look like spam. Competent SEO is a publication of press-releases on different informative websites with the link attached, publishing of links and site information on different advertising boards and blogs etc.

Main factors of the most effective SEO are:
  • Understanding of search mechanisms and general concept of their functioning: Search Engines improve day by day – new page ranking criteria appear, the whole mechanism improves. Nevertheless, if you order site optimization from Slavin – Internet Technologies, you acquire a guarantee from possible surprises of rating fall. A lot of professionals of SEO work with us. We will not allow any changes in search engines functionality affect the profit of your online business.
  • Combining optimization for search engines and optimization for website-users. It's important to make your site not only technically perfect but also valuable for surfers. We take care of it as well. We do everything to be sure that search engine will detect everything it is looking for and the site will still remain user-friendly: the random surfer that enters the website will take an interest in the site content and becomes your client. If the site is both search engine friendly and user-friendly, your website will be ranked higher and higher and therefore, your income will grow up.
Notice! SEO – is the best tool that any webmaster has, but if you don't know exactly how to use it – it can bring more harm than profit for your online business.
That's why it is IMPORTANT to trust professionals from Slavin – Internet technologies with SEO. We have years of experience in search optimization. We successfully promote the e-commerce services of our clients from 2003. Using only "white" methods of optimization, we ensure the powerful channels of target traffic and do everything to increase the income of your website on daily basis.

SEO is the most profitable way of your online business promotion, because search optimization is exactly the mechanism that defines if the Internet-surfer looking for your product sees your website in the top-results or the website of your rival. SEO brings long-term results and target traffic. However, it doesn't mean that once you ordered SEO, you can stop using any other advertising ways. It is important to combine SEO with SEA and SEM.

SEA – Search Engine Advertising. You have probably noticed that if you are searching for something in search engine, you see the main search results right under the search box and you see context advertising in the right part of the page. This is called SEA. In this case the traffic to your site will mainly depend on competently formed advertisement that will lead the random-surfer exactly to your website, because he will understand from the advertisement that he will find everything he is looking for on your resource. Nevertheless, you have to remember that search engine advertising is a paid service and if you want to write the text all by yourself, there is a high risk that you can lose a lot of money and won't get any results. Order SEA from Slavin – Internet Technologies and our specialists will help you to compose the perfect advertisements that bring you profit! We know what Internet-surfers need!

SEM – Search Engine Marketing – or simply organic combination of SEO and SEA. It is the most effective solution for your goal. We offer a full analysis of your web-resource and exposure of its rating in search engines. This analysis enables to determine effectiveness of SEO or SEA in each specific case. If the site cannot be ranked higher in search engines, we improve the context advertising. Or, if the site is ranked high enough, we improve its SEO and don't use SEA (so, we save your money).

The advanced SEO methods we use work like a Swiss watch. We are always honest with our clients. We tell real terms and take care of effectiveness!

By choosing Slavin – Internet Technologies services, you choose the guaranteed effective investment in competent search optimization.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request and on the basis of MS-SQL and ASP.NET MVC (C# + EF/LINQ)
The products are designed for well-defined business tasks.