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19.04.2024   |  Development and support of Internet projects, Web sites, software…
Slavin - Internet Technologies company provides Web-applications development services on the basis of the clients' multiple requests.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request.

About us

Slavin - Internet Technologies company has a big professional operating experience in the sphere of modern IT-technologies.

Since 2004, Slavin - Internet Technologies is the leading IT services supplier. Company develops two main business directions: development of IT systems and software.

One of Slavin - Internet Technologies peculiarities is that the company not just offers services, but provides am end-to-end solution of customers' problems, including:
  • Marketing research of the project
  • Consulting upon improvement of business-projects competitiveness
  • Engineering design and development
  • Unique design creation
  • Project optimization in the Internet
  • Permanent after-sales guarantee

Advantages of our company:
  • High-quality services provision in the sphere of internet-projects and systems development and support
  • Creation of the best IT-solutions, which help out customers to develop new business directions
  • Safe service provider, who guarantees service at the top-level and who is long-term cooperation-oriented
  • Efficient solution of our customers' business problems

Slavin - Internet Technologies designs and develops:
  • Corporate Intranet portals [EIP]
  • Web-applications and e-Commerce systems
  • Data bases
  • Solutions for mobile equipment [WAP]
  • Clients relations management [CRM]
  • Documentation management [ECM]
  • Information systems organizing [WEB-assisted ERP-systems]
  • Stock automation
  • Business process management automation [BPM]
  • Planning and budgeting automation
  • Production processes automation
  • Automation of polyclinic, medical centre, hospital operation
  • Human resources management
  • e-Learning Systems
  • Social Community [social network services]
  • Business Systems
  • Human resources management and control [HR department]
  • Contents management in publishing houses and Russian technological control institutions
  • Healthcare
Our main operation sphere is software development by order and corresponding to unique requests of our customers, as well as Information systems development.
Slavin - Internet Technologies Specializes in systems development starting from general informational sites and images and to development and start-up of projects of significant complexity.

We specialize in development of systems and software, which are use for complex Web-application downloading.
We are experienced in all the stage of software development, product specification for installment at the customer's site on the basis of the information safety, development of technologies in object-oriented sphere and advanced technologies.
We have experience in the spheres of consulting, projecting, development for top-companies and state institutions.
We offer unique solutions for our customers and guarantee high-quality development, service and exploitation.
We provide our solutions to the most hard-to-please customers all over the world.

We help companies and organizations to improve their operating results due to professional usage of Internet and multy-media technologies for their businesses. We turn interactive technologies to powerful marketing and business tools. Combination of strategy, contents, unique design, advanced technologies and serious optimizing helps to develop stable brands and improve cooperation with customers, employees and partners.

Among our clients there are huge companies and state institutions in Israel.

Long experience of development, support and promotion of Internet-projects of different complexity, as well as high professional skills and congruent work of developers team, enable us to fulfill even the most difficult and unusual projects.

By making difficult things easier and advanced web-technologies ordinary, we save our customers from necessity to learn technical details of the services, thus we help you to spare your time and efforts. Optimality of the chosen solutions is guaranteed by high-professional skills of our employees.

Slavin - Internet Technologies is focused on end-to-end solution of out customer's problems, by providing wide range of services connected with creation, location, support and promotion of sites, web-applications, software and internet-projects in the Internet.
From the very beginning we are focused on long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

Main types of activities
  • Software development based on customer's requirements
  • Development of web-sites, web-portals of different complexity levels
  • Development of Information Security Management systems
  • Consulting upon Internet-project development
  • High-quality site optimization for main SE systems
  • Overall audit of an operating site
  • Support of the developed Internet-project

Missions of the company
  • To provide high-quality services on the sphere of Internet-projects and systems development and support
  • To create the best IT-solutions, which help out customers to develop new business directions
  • To be a safe service supplier who guarantees a top-level service and who is focused on long-term cooperation and deep understanding of the customer's needs
  • To offer not the site creation services, but solution of problems that businesses of our clients may face

Some of our clients
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request and on the basis of MS-SQL and ASP.NET MVC (C# + EF/LINQ)
The products are designed for well-defined business tasks.