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30.05.2024   |  Development and support of Internet projects, Web sites, software…
Slavin - Internet Technologies company provides Web-applications development services on the basis of the clients' multiple requests.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request.


We offer individual software engineering of any complexity level, based ob web-applications ASP.NET and based on Microsoft internet-technologies.
Programming based on ASP.NET as a software engineering is the main operation sphere of our company.
Out main operation field connected with software engineering involves automation of the enterprise business-processes.
We offer programming solutions which responce our customers' requirements absolutely.
Many companies have special requirements, which cannot be fulfilled with the help of the software products which are present at the market. Hiring professionals like Slavin - Internet Technologies For special software engineering, you will spare your time, money and efforts. Our professional and very experienced working team will analyse your requirements, will find the most appropriate solution for you and will implement it so that it responded your corporate requirements as much as possible.
You shouldn't adapt to the used software – the software will adjust to you!
The most important advantage of web-technologies usage is their independence from the software which is set up at the computer. Windows, MAC OS or even Linux versions are equal for the software 100% usage.
The next important advantage in comparison with application systems is the usage simplicity. It doesn't matter when the new version of the web-application will be available , the only one thing that you have to do is to set up the new version at the server, afterwards you can be sure that all the users use the new version. That is impossible in case an application programme is used.
That is why web-applications turned to be a popular platform for many business programming solutions.
Web-applications are not simply web-pages, but that are complex information systems, like web-portals,
ERP-systems or Web-stores can be accessable only for the company's employees (internal network solutions), for you customers (external network solutions) or for anyone (Internet solution).
Our company can provide services of different web-applications development, for example:
  • Clients Relations Management system (CRM-system) is a web-application which helps to manage interrelations with your customers
  • Programmes for companies working with "Business for Business" and "Business for Consumers" schemes – those are web-portals, which enable you to contact directly your business partners ("Business for Business") or customers ("Business for Consumers")
  • Internal network solutions are web-applications which help your company to manage everyday processes, like resources distribution, documentation or data base management
  • External network systems are web-applications, which are open for access of your employees as well as your customers: for example Customers' technical support or invoices management
  • Web-store is a web-portal which enables you to sell your products or services on-line
  • Contents management system – is a web-application which helps you to manage your contents growth through administration zone, which includes built-up word-processors for texts and menus
  • Web-presentations / Web-marketing – is a web-application which introduces your company to the whole world. We will not simply create a site for you, but also will provide additional marketing services to ensure that your customers can find your site
Our team of developers uses for software engineering a complex methodology, which guarantees standards compliance and timely solutions providing to the users. Our quality management team will take all the necessary measures to ensure that the developed web-application is compatible to the main web-browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera. Our goal is development of applications which are simple for usage and which can be used in your everyday work.
As we treat every Customer individually, we can create a Web-application which responds to the set goals absolutely and which can add much to the possibility of the maximum efficiency achievement in the process of the resource usage.

Programmes development by order is provided with the following technologies and software usage:
  • Programming languages and technologies: C#, MS-SQL/LINQ, HTML/XML/XSL/XPath/Xquery, JavaScript, SOAP/WSDL, ASP.NET, Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft Framework
  • Development tools: Microsoft Visual Studio
  • API maps: Google Maps, Яндекс-maps, WebMap
  • Data bases: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows
We are eager to help you in the following problems solving:
  • Applications engineering and implementation of e-commerce systems, B2B and B2C trade systems, electronic sales and supply places, development of software and data bases aimed at trade and purchasing systems automation
  • Development of programmes for data gathering and objects management via usage of cellar communication and satellite communications, GIS-technologies for cartographic information reflection
  • Solutions for mobile contents and mobile advertising, programmes development for mobile telephones: SMS/MMS/WAP traffic exchange with cellar communication operators and aggregates, on the basis of individual technological platform
  • Corporate sites creation, web-applications and services development
  • Automated control systems (ACS) development, production control, programmes engineering by order and electronics production for complex automation: mobile objects (automobiles, railway transport means), vending machines, information booths, processing lines, etc.
In case you need a high-quality product which will make you profitable, then you have found the right people to contact.

The main fail safety criteria of web-applications is a safe withdrawal / breakdown of any system component. The main high-performance criteria of web-applications is a guaranteed working capacity of the system including a set number of operations fulfilment within one second and a set response time to a user's interface.
It is known that by a simple scaling of a hardware programme the capacity problems are solved for a very short period of time and the solutions are ineffective. It brings much more efficiency o solve such problems within a set of hardware-programming measures.
Any solution results from the requirements fulfilment, which are listed in the task. The higher are requirements to failsafety and performance capacity, the more expensive will be the solution. Determining of these criteria is rather difficult, that's why to simplify the process we can simply divide the solution into two types: those where these criteria are important and where they can be neglected.
If necessary, we are ready to develop a hardware platform as well as special software for such solutions.
For such solutions the following technologies are used: NLB (Network Load Balance), network equipment adjustment (IP Multicasting), clustering, segmentation MS SQL, low-level network programming, caching and the most important detailed adjustment of Microsoft Windows Server.

Social network Facebook, founded in February 2004, is the most popular social network in the world. Nowadays at the portal there are 500 mil. users registered. In 2009 Facebook announced about the Russian language version of the site.
Facebook enables users to create a profile with photos, invite friends, exchange messages and inform other users about your statuses. Facebook also grants possibility to create affinity groups.
In 2007 Facebook announced that third-party companies can create applications for some services and perform their monetization. This action enabled integration of many functions (games, music and photos exchange services) which resulted in increase of users' activity.

Out company offers the following services:
  • Applications development for Facebok
  • Games development for Facebook
  • Pages development and adjustment for companies and communities in Facebook
  • Integration of the operating site with Facebook
  • Consulting on the problems of companies and services promotion in Facebook Facebook - SMO (Social Media Optimization)

With help of developed Facebook applications and other corresponding methods, companies receive the following advantages:
  • Branding - Facebook is a good resource for increase of the brand awareness.
  • Customers attraction - with help of Facebook applications, you will get opportunity for different actions, competitions and other demand stimulating measures organization.
  • Site visiting rates growth – Facebook may act as a tool for traffic attraction to your site.
  • Company / brand reputation management – is a useful tool which enables your clients to receive the newest corporate information.
  • New customers attraction – Facebook provides extra opportunity to find customers, which cannot be attracted by any other way.
  • Customers detention and their commitment strengthening – can be achieved by polls and actions organization for interested clients.
  • Virus effect – transfer the information exchange by word of mouth to a higher level.
  • Feed-back – Via Facebook and its different applications, you will be able to understand and research behaviour of consumers on the basis of their action and comments at the social network site.

Our company focuses not only sites creation, but also on integration of internal business-processes of enterprise with its Web-representation.
Such projects are always unique. This can be a EDMS system with a personal Web-site connection, system of provider services billing, solutions in e-commerce sphere starting from a simple internet-shopcase, which is formed on the basis of internal reporting system, and up to independently functioning web-store.
Works upon such projects are individual for any task. Cost of such developments can be determined only after a detailed technical specification is composed.

  • Programmes on customer bases management at the company
  • Programmes for statistical data management, analysis and reports composing
  • Programmes which can be integrated with e-commerce systems of the enterprise
  • Sites Management System
  • Programming by order provides opportunity not only to receive ready-made solutions, but also improve existing informational systems: their renewal and functional extension helps to use the latest technologies of business-processes automation with minimum costs, and at the same time to preserve the data accumulated in the work process.
    Programmes by order can serve as connection between business-processes and programming solutions for their automation – they can help in implementation of applicable information systems

  • ASP.NET is a basis for developments connected with data base MS-SQL
  • Technologies and LINQ – WCF can be used when necessary
  • W3C standarts adherence
  • Main browsers compatibility [Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari]
  • Overall site optimizing development and site promotion
  • Development of Web-portals, suitable for SE systems [SEO]
  • Development of the technology which helps Google to recognize the site contents
  • Systems creation with OOP [object-oriented programming]
  • N-Layers systems creation
  • Development and implementation of an improved banner system
  • Development of errors recognizing systems and continuous monitoring systems
  • SMS services development [SMS messages, response positive messages, messages, SMS Pull, Push Messages SMS, WAP Push messages, etc.]
  • Technical support of informational systems
  • Information systems advance
  • Operating sites modification

  • Online Business Cards development
  • Corporate web-sites development
  • Development of product catalog sites
  • Web-stores development
  • Corporate portals development
  • Promotional sites development
  • Web-sites development
  • Software development by order results in several significant advantages, like: non-standard business-processes automation possibility, integration with operating IT-stucture of the company. Ordered software is adjusted to the customer's IT system from the very beginning
  • Software development by order is a specific focus on customer's needs. In the developed software, the customer finds all the necessary functions, which are needed for specific tasks fulfillment as programmes developed by order are not over-versatile as usual programmes are
  • Redesigning and modernization of operating sites
  • Informational architecture
  • Usability
  • E-commerce
  • CRM-programmes (development and implementation)
  • SEO – search optimizing
  • Data bases programming
  • Data bases forming
  • WAP - solutions

  • Data bases development and management
  • Development of Jobs, Triggers, Stored Procedures
  • Testing and optimizing measures
  • Capacity / settings works fulfilment and MS-SQL Server optimizing
  • Systems service

  • Strategic consulting connected with corporate informational systems management and informational systems guidance in companies
  • Consulting upon new technologies implementation in companies
  • Technological consulting – characteristics, analysis and planning of a system
  • Consulting upon operating systems improvement
  • Design consulting for Internet IT systems, by helping in corresponding technologies choice
  • Business needs consulting – Internal or external development, user, impact analysis, quantity load, amount of servers, etc.
  • Consulting upon products promotion according to customer's needs and budget, and also achievement of correct results and integrated network
  • Assistance and control of projects development
  • Cunsultations and technical support for Micsofost
  • Defining of goals and aims for the site creation
  • Technical specification composition for site creation
  • Competitors site analysis in the Internet
  • Site model selection with data base
  • Site structure and site navigation suggestions
  • Site contents estimation and recommendations for search key words selection
  • Suggestions upon created site development
  • Suggestions upon advertising campaigns organization and site promotion
  • Technical consulting
  • Creation of a business-model and technology of the enterprise operation in the Internet
  • Consulting and Internet-projects management

  • Information systems development
  • System network architecture and technical conditions for programming
  • Integration of information from different sources
  • Preparation for development and building of systems based on Microsoft.NET
  • Management of company development projects
  • Assistance to executive persons responsible for strategy implementation and automation tools
  • Repairing and exploitation procedures and action methods in emergency situations
  • Planning, support and management of projects aimed at overall solutions implementation in the sphere of computing, communications, information security, business continuity provision
  • IT outsourcing
    Nowadays majority of business processes in companies are closely connected with information technologies. Information technologies turn to be mail tool for business efficiency improvement and significant competitive advantages receiving, and this fact is the basis for continuous increase of IT-budgets in companies and intensification of business dependence on quality and security of IT-infrastructure.
    Problems of safety, information security and business continuity come to the first place for enterprises.
    IT departments in companies are transformed from a specialists team responsible for computers repair and cartridges changes, into a stable department whose competence influences business stability and company's achievements at the market. It is clear that organization of a high-professional IT department is an expensive and long process which doesn't always ends with a desired result. That is why more and more companies prefer to delegate the IT-infrastructure support functions to companies which specialize in this sphere.
  • IT consulting
    One of our activities is IT consulting, which includes preparation of a company to the best software selection and implementation aimed at business management automation.
    Nowadays majority of the companies face a problem of business development and positions strengthening at their market segment. At this stage, the top-management of the company face up problems of competitive advantages realization, business processes optimizing and assets cost increase.
    Information technologies are aimed at business development. IT department turns from being inactive and focused on resources serving (information systems and hardware) to an active position which implies company needs determination and needed services provision. IT department turns into supplier of key services for other departments, which take part in the main operating sphere. However, the tools selection and their effective usage require deep knowledge in the sphere and technological expertise. One of the quickest and practically efficient ways of IT integration in a company is experiences specialists and analytics outsourcing.
    The Information system selection is a difficult process, which is base on IT development strategy and results of detailed analysis of the company's business processes.
    Our specialists will help you to determine the automation goals, to compose professionally technical specification for IT solution.
    We will provide the best solution selection according to the needs of your company.
    Out main working principles are: professional an independent approach, clear understanding of customer's business-goals, search for the best individual information and technological solution.
  • IT Audit
    Information technologies infrastructure is as important for business as any other infrastructure of the company. As companies grew dependent on efficient operating of IT systems and hardware quick development, the necessity of regular IT audits and its further optimizing turned to be much more important. For majority of the companies, this infrastructure comes to be a basis for their long-term businesses. The correct approach to IT systems management includes preserved investing to IT, increase of information resources life-time, thei usage efficiency growth. One of the basic problems for efficient IT infrastructure management is its audit. Audit is to be conducted in order to analyze IT, make decisions, predict the situation possible development, IT management.
    Audit of IT-infrastructure is a complex process of receipt and estimation of unbiased data concerning its current condition, actions and operations within it. This process sets up a level of their correspondence to specific criteria and helps to compose main recommendations for quickest results achievement in the sphere of IT infrastructure optimizing.

  • Hosting
    Our company provides professional services connected with web-sites location (hosting), domains registration, installment and lease of dedicated servers and applications.
  • Domains registration
  • Contents preparation
  • Montoring
  • Efficiency estimation
  • Technocal support of a site includes:
    • Site working capacity control
    • Monthly back-up copies of the site
    • Rehabilitation of the site in case of technical errors and faults
    • Prompt errors elimination within site working process
    • Virused site rehabilitation, recommendations concerning sites virosis prevention
    • Management of existing and creation of new postal records
    • Assistance in email prorgamme set up for work with records
    • Regular site optimizing, which helps the site to keep top-positions in SE systeme
    • Provision of stable site operating
    • Setting, modification, correction of possible errors in the site software
    • Technical management of the site
    • Assistance in site text contents publication
    • Site usage trainings for the personnel

  • Site structure improvement in the context of SE systems standard code
  • Google AdSense optimizing
  • Google AdWords advertising optimizing
  • Registration in SE systems

For sites creation we use block layout which in comparison with a table one, helps to modify internal site structure quickly and thus influences its look.
Layout is provided according to all the web-standards, it is valid and is correctly reflected at all modern browsers.

In the process of creation, the sites are tested on different screen extensions: the minimal screen size (where there is not horizontal scroll bar) is 15"(screen extension 1024 x 768 pixels).
There are two layout types: fixed and non-fixed. Fixed layout means that the site has an invariable size within different screen extensions. Non-fixed layout means that the site changes its size within different screens by stretching out or narrowing.

We compose a semantically correct HTML-code.
At the end of the working process, we provide layout optimizing aimed to reduce the time of site pages downloading.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request and on the basis of MS-SQL and ASP.NET MVC (C# + EF/LINQ)
The products are designed for well-defined business tasks.