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30.05.2024   |  Development and support of Internet projects, Web sites, software…
Slavin - Internet Technologies company provides Web-applications development services on the basis of the clients' multiple requests.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request.

Goals and Solutions

Internet develops nowadays very fast. More and more difficult goals are achieved with the help of web-systems. More and more people use these application and requirements to these applications work become more and more strict.
One of the requirements to the modern web-systems is that the web-system could enable simultaneous work of great amount of visitors. Web-applications are heavy loaded as they have to process requests of many users and to provide complex and long calculations and other operations. The main elements of any system (including web-applications) are the data base, technologies, data access interfaces and their presentation to users.
To develop web-systems and satisfy such severe requirements, we use Microsoft products: ASP.NET and MS SQL Server.
Microsoft ASP.NET MVC – is the latest technology for development of web-applications and web-services of any complexity level. It is included to the Microsoft.NET platform and it provides a large set of development classes and tools, which help to develop applications within the shortest possible period of time.
Code of the web-application, which is written on the basis of ASP.NET technology, is compiled and later is executed. In comparison with "script" technologies this technology has an advantage if to take into consideration its operating capacity: it doesn't require extra time expenditures for code parsing, its optimizing, etc.
Great amount of technologies which are used within Microsoft.NET platform, help to find the most suitable tool to fulfil an individual task. Thus they provide reliable security, operating capacity and scalability of a web-application.
When the web-application operating capacity needs to be increased, ASP.NET provides a possibility for site operation at a server cluster and thus the site will be able to process great amount of users' requests.
Our world is dependent on information. DBMS which keep and manage the data, should be accessible and secure. Microsoft SQL Server, which is successfully used by our company, provides all he necessary possibilities for secure and quick access and secure data preservation.

As our work is base on professional technologies and we are experience in large web-systems development, we can provide our Partners with high-capacity and high-quality products, which fit the requirements of our Partners and help in their business development.

At the early stage of the Internet development, to guarantee a correct reflection of a site by different page browsers, sites had to be tested and corrected and modified individually. Nowadays there is a general set of rules for browsers, where it is indicated how to interpret the page code. This set of rules is called World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Standards. When the W3C standards are met and syntactically valid code is written, developers can guarantee a correct display of the site by any types of browsers.
When the latest standards XHTML are met, there can be created web-documents which are compatible with different browsers. For example, images can include alternative text, which is shown in case the images demonstration is not supported by programmes or is shut off by a user. This possibility can be used by text browsers to explain the meaning of the lost image. Moreover, verbal browsers, which are used by disabled people, can speak out web-pages texts. Except for availability for different browsers, layout on the basis of the standards is distinct in correct semantics. This means that XHTML is responsible only for contents, while the contents design is provided by external styles sheets. In addition to this, all the page contents is structured and thus the pages become available for SE systems.
The abovementioned cascade style sheets (CSS) are used for different web-page elements formatting, like point and font size. Like XHTML, style sheets are examined to meet W3C standards. External style sheets usage helps to change design of one and the same page according to different CSS. Moreover, different style sheets can be used for different types of equipment. For example, by using extra CSS for a printer, a print version of a page can be created.
Thus development of layout according to W3C standards and by usage of semantics rules and external style sheets, helps to solve problems connected with sites creation and their display by different browsers and equipment.
Sites made up by our company are examined to meet the W3C standards strictly. Thus our customers can be confident that their site will be correctly displayed by different equipment and browsers.

Web-site is not just a beautiful picture, as, primarily it is a tool for the set problems solving. As a result, as any other tool, web-site should be very efficient in its operating, and site design should add much to increase this efficiency. To say it in other words, site design should be developed on the basis of the following principles: maximum convenience and aesthetical satisfaction from its usage.
Efficient design provides simple work with the site. It should meet the main requirements of information perception and correspond to the Internet-project general topic. Due to the abovementioned factors, the design helps to keep the user at the site for a longer period of time and thus helps to increase possibility to acquire a new customer.
In the process of design creation, our company applied the following principles: idea, simplicity, convenience. Idea is the most important part of site design creation. It should be well thought over, it should meet the customer's requirements and be unique. Embodiment of such an idea helps us to attract visitors and place emphasis on the site in comparison to other sites.
As majority of users try to spend less time to look over web-pages, we are eager to create a simple and understandable site design. However, simple doesn't mean primitive. The design is distinguished by a single style, correct fonts choice, appropriate and reasonable graphics. Moreover, as we comply to the principles of association and resemblance, create module system of the site, we are able to achieve a single visual representation and create design compositions for out projects.
In the process of design development, we take into account necessity of convenient navigation. While moving at the site, users should understand which page they are viewing at the moment and to which site section this page belongs. Moreover, we care about perception convenience: headings of different levels differ from each other, information is grouped according to different topics and conceptual blocks are separated from each other visually.
As we focus on creativity and obey main principles of design creation, we develop convenient sites, which can fulfil goals of our customers.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request and on the basis of MS-SQL and ASP.NET MVC (C# + EF/LINQ)
The products are designed for well-defined business tasks.