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25.06.2024   |  Development and support of Internet projects, Web sites, software…
Slavin - Internet Technologies company provides Web-applications development services on the basis of the clients' multiple requests.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request.


Module contents
Helps to change contents (texts, graphics, photos) with a visual editor programme.
  • Addition / editing / deleting of textual information
  • Hyperlinks creation
  • Addition / editing / deleting of graphical information (photos)
  • Changing of photos size
  • Creation of photos preview

Module visual editor
Visual contents formatting: texts and graphics.
  • Addition / editing / deleting of textual information
  • Hyperlinks creation
  • Tables creation (outline borders)
  • Texts formatting (style, size, marker, tables, etc.)
  • Addition / editing / deleting of graphical information (changing of photos size, creation of photos preview)
  • files addition for downloads (.doc, .pdf, .exl, .zip, .rar, .pp, .avi, .mpg, .mp3)
  • import / export of Word files

Module Gradation
Transfer and gradation of heads and subheadings within the tree helps to transfer a head from one level to any other level. Contents level transfer helps to transfer contents from one level to another one.
  • Transfer and gradation of heads and subheadings within the tree helps to transfer a head from one level to any other level.
  • Contents level transfer helps to transfer contents from one level to another one.
  • Automatic gradation by parameters

Module E-mailing
E-mailing to subscribers listed in the data base.
  • Automatic subscribing / subscription cancellation of e-mailing at the site
  • Manual addition / deleting / editing of subscribers
  • Addition / deleting / editing of messages to be e-mailed
  • Data base of subscribers / addresses
  • E-mailing records

Module Products catalogue
Structured multilevel catalogue including system of interconnected subcatalogues.
  • Creation of internal heads and subheadings of N-levels
  • Addition / editing / deleting of textual information
  • Addition / editing / deleting of graphical information
  • Big photos addition
  • Small photos addition (preview)
  • Activation / deactivation, automatic generation of previews on the catalogue
  • Items gradation in the catalogue
  • Extra catalogue connected with the main one
  • Catalogue items gradation
  • Including of products classification by classes and categories
  • Catalogue items concealing
  • FTP – catalogue manager
  • Catalogue data base
  • Enabling / disabling of POP catalogue windows
  • Data import from Excel

Module Import and Export
Provides data importing from different formats due to their structure.
  • Import / export of formats with such parameters as replacement, addition or selection of replacement and addition parameters

Module Price-list
Structured multilevel catalogue including system of interconnected subcatalogues.
  • Creation of internal heads and subheadings of N-levels
  • Addition / deleting / editing of price-list items (name, article, price (3 types of prices))
  • Price-list items gradation
  • Price-list items classification
  • Including products classification according to their classes and categories
  • Price-list items concealing
  • Price-list integration with catalogue due to ID
  • Data import from Excel

Module Web-store
Enables online trade, control of orders and their fulfilment.
  • Web-store with simplifies ordering system
  • Virtual bin
  • Order formation
  • Order sending to email of the administrator
  • Web-store with complex ordering system
  • Virtual bin
  • Registration / authorization of customers
  • Personal account
  • Order forming, items calculation, cancellation, repetition of previous orders, orders records
  • Personal data editing
  • Automatic generation of informative invoice
  • Payment for the orders with the help of payment systems
  • Web-store management
  • Setting of the store parameters (rates, currencies and discounts)
  • Customers and orders, orders statuses, management of orders and customers, records of all the orders and customers
  • Payment systems (web-money / credit cards / SMS)

Module Gallery
Structured multilevel catalogue of photos and videos including previews automatic generation and demonstration.
  • Galleries creation / editing / deleting
  • Photos downloads, descriptions entering, data edition and deleting

Module Files
Structured multilevel catalogue of elements and files of different types.
  • Files downloading with different formats / files deleting
  • Folder choice for downloading
  • Generation of downloading way (link) and its automatic replication to buffer
  • Files deleting

Module Meta Data
Helps to set up meta tags at all the pages of the system.
  • Addition / editing / deleting of headings, descriptions and key words to create HTML pages

Module Printing version
Helps to prepare documents for printing in formats html, pdf.
  • Creation of page with textual and graphical information for printing without site design elements
  • Creation of document in pdf format

Module Administration and Users
Helps to add system administrators and manage their operation.
  • Creation / editing of users, administrators and their operating roles
  • Delegating of user and administration rights
  • Taking minutes of users' sessions and administration sessions

Module Partners segment
Helps to create closed internal site segments designed for employees or partners.
  • Registration / authorization system
  • Hierarchic catalogue of documents
  • Section / subsection creation
  • Creation of description to section / subsection
  • Section / subsection page creation
  • Text addition to the page
  • Files addition to section / subsection / page in the following formats: AVI, PPT, EXCEL, WORD, ZIP
  • Internal mailing to partners
  • Text creation for e-mailing
  • Partners' e-mail addresses insertion to the data base
  • Selection of partners which are to me e-mailed (everybody from the data base or only the chosen ones)
  • Partners questionnaire survey
  • Questionnaire which automatically grades partners by ser parameters
  • Automatic sending of data bout the partner to e-mail of dealer department
  • Contents control system
  • Every piece of contents created in partner segment (page of document on the page) received personal ID and date, after partnter's activation in the partners segment, all read and non-read contents are market by different colours and read contents are automatically recorded, administrator automatically receives reports about read contents

Module polls and inquires
Creation of different polls and inquires, including personal ones.
  • addition / deleting / editing of the poll theme, questions, answers
  • votes / answers calculation
  • IP addresses recording of those who voted / answered up to 30 days (when IP is recorded a second voting is impossible
  • Polls and inquires records
  • Questionnaire questions and / or answers insertion
  • Questionnaire operating time setting up
  • Creation of closed, open and combined polls and questionnaires

Module FAQ
Helps to create a structures catalogue of questions and answers.
  • Addition / deleting / editing of typical questions and answers
  • Form for individual questions
  • Automatic publication of the question by requirement
  • Automatic sending the question to e-mail address of the administrator
  • Questions and answers records

Module Notice / comments / suggestions Board
Helps to create a structure catalogue of different advertisements.
  • Registration / authorization at the Notice-board
  • Heads / subheading insertion
  • Automatic e-mailing information from the bulletin board to users and administration
  • Activation / deactivation of advertisements
  • Search within notice board

Module Forum
External and internal communications provision.

Module Banner system
Placement of banners (different types and formats).
  • Addition / deleting of banners (different types and formats)
  • Links creation for banners
  • Activation / deactivation of banners in manual or automatic mode
  • Banners shows and clicks statistics

Module Careers
Creation of structured vacancies catalogue, control of vacancies, their views, responses to the vacancies.
  • Creation of vacancies data base: addition, editing, activation, deactivation, deleting
  • Creation of questionnaires for the vacancies
  • Questionnaire results saving in the data base
  • Creation of electronic CV form to be filled by candidates
  • Addition, saving and gradation of CVs in doc, txt, html formats
  • CV and questionnaires export from the data base
  • Search and gradation within the data base due to parameters: name, address, data of filling out / questionnaire receiving / CV, position
  • Vacancies settings

Module Interviews planner
Helps to plan interviews with candidates. It is integrated with module Careers.
  • Interviews calendar creation
  • Addition of candidates to the plan
  • Data edition in the calendar

Module Multy-language
The main aim of the module is to support several language versions.

Module Routes
Every page contains a "route" which is aimed at navigation simplification at the site and provide pass from the deepest site level to the first level through 1 click. Routes are generated automatically.

Module Site defence
The system fulfils the following functions:
  • Find among the site visitors people, who try to break the site or find out the password
  • Determiner IP addresses of assaulters and automatically blocks them
  • Informs the site owner and support service experts about all the assaults, blocked requests. The letter with detailed information about the assaulter (IP-address, assault log and time) is sent to the set e-mail.
  • Helps to defend the site from SQL-injections

Closed segment of the site
That is a very broad concept, but its main idea is that by entering login and password, any employee can get access to the information, independent from his location – in the office, at a business trip, at the company branch in another city. The site administrator has a possibility to divide access rights to different information categories for different employees (or employees groups).
The closed segment of the site is useful first of all as a source of information which shouldn't generally accessed, but which may be needed by the employees (documents forms, presentations, videos). The USB disc (CD disk, floppy disk) is not needed, you don't have to look in file exchange programmes, you will not suddenly find out that at your USB disc you have an old version or the disc won't work.
The closed segment of the site is the united source of important information which helps to standardize documents workflow and update it. Moreover, the closed segment may include list of projects gradated by stages, terms and executors and thus it will simplify the project management in the company. For instance, at any time and from any place provided by the Internet the top-manager can check which work has already been done, which work fulfilment has already exceeded the time limit and which work stage is the most problematic.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request and on the basis of MS-SQL and ASP.NET MVC (C# + EF/LINQ)
The products are designed for well-defined business tasks.