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19.04.2024   |  Development and support of Internet projects, Web sites, software…
Slavin - Internet Technologies company provides Web-applications development services on the basis of the clients' multiple requests.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request.

Sites development

We always do more than we promised and grant life-time warranty for the developed resource, help with site support.
Creation a site by our company is granted with life-time warranty, independent from the time when errors occurred.

Our distinctive feature is site promotion which starts while it is still under development and also overall approach to the customer's problems solution.
Close cooperation with the client helps us to formulate tasks before the work begins and promptly achieve the desired result.

We create sites, which easily come to top-positions in SE systems, due to internal system aimed at promotion.

That is why our projects are successful.

Online Business Card – is a virtual business card of a company. The main task of the site is to provide necessary information to users very briefly and promptly.
Online Business Card, as a rule is requested by companies which create their own Internet resource for the first time. Creation of an Online Business Card requires minimum financial investments, which can be returned by turning just several users to regular customers of the company.
The main characteristics of such a site are stylish, memorable design, small amount of information and convenient navigation. Notwithstanding its small size, Online Business Card are not less efficient that other sites. They are easy to use and don't require extra financial investments.
Standard contents of an Online Business Card
  • Company activities description
  • General information about products and services
  • News
  • Price-list
  • Documents examples: contracts, licenses, diplomas and rewards
  • Contact information: telephone numbers, addresses, location map
Advantages of an Online Business Card are: low expenses for the site creation and support, short period of time for the project development.
Attractive features of an Online Business Card for a visitor are: specified information about advantages of cooperation with your company, easy navigation, minimum time time expenditures to review the texts.

Corporate site is a powerful marketing tool to promote goods and services of your company, possible customer's attraction and business partners search. It is one of the most important ways to create a reputation of a company an increase recognizability of the brand. Well developed corporate site will contribute to forming in minds of customers and partners an image of a stable, powerful and quickly developing company. Corporate site is an index of its reliability for work and cooperation, treatment of existing and possible customers.
Goals of a corporate site
  • Disposal of useful information about company in the internet (trustworthness of company is emphasized by high-quality design)
  • Site visitors informing about services of the company
  • Feed back provision between site visitors and company customers
  • Engagement of site visitors to participation in competitions, prize drawings and quizzes
  • Gathering and analysis of information about site visitors
  • Special internal (available only after authorizing) site segments for employees, customers and partners of the company
  • Organization of work through the Internet for employees of local offices and regional representations
Corporate site designed by our studio is a good solution which will help your business to start further development. Corporate site creation will increase loyalty of your business partners, whereas corporate site promotion will increase number of people aware of your company.

Catalog-site is a convenient and efficient way to inform purchasers, clients, customers and partner about services and goods provided by your company. Besides information about company, contact information, follow-up form, this site includes detailed catalog of goods or services, where information for every item with prices and photos can be placed. Catalog-site is more useful for companies, which have a product-catalog with great amount of items an categories, and which should be efficiently presented to the possible customer and should create a motivation to contact company an order the offered goods and services. Catalog-site helps to provide timely to the current customers information about changes on range of products, prices (in case it will be decided to reflect them at the site), special offers and sales promotions.
Such a site can help with sales amount increase due to access to the full information about goods and services for those customers, who are placed far from the producing company.

Selling in the Internet means that you keep up with the time. Everybody know that we can buy tickets to plane, theatre, cinema, museum or exhibition from home. We can order favourite book, CD or DVD to be delivered to our place. We can buy any present to our close people. If people need comfort, provide it for them. Provide them possibility to order you product from home.
Web-store is a new sales channel, which guarantees stable income. Comfortable management of a Web-store, created by professionals, always helps to support and update your emporium, update information by yourself and promptly react all requirements of your customers.
Web-store is attractive for customers due to: detailed information about all the goods, convenience of goods comparison and selection, quick order registration.
Selling in the Internet is even more that real and profitable. If you already have a business in the trading sphere, you can order a Web-store creation and thus extend market of possible customers and as a result increase your income.
Web-store advantages:
  • You shouldn't look for a lucrative niche – for a Web-store all the niches are equal
  • Web-store is open 24 hours a day / 365 days in a year
  • You needn't hire sales managers to work in the shopping place
  • You can present goods which are away of stock
  • Web-store is focused on target audience
  • Web-store creation helps to continuously extend services and products range in one shopping room

Corporate portal is a web-site within a company, which is based on Web-technologies and which provides references to resources and information systems of the company and embodies automation of different business tasks. Idea of corporate portal is a gathering of all the information available at the company.
The main task of the portal is delivering of an important corporate information to the employees of the company. Further, everything depends on you. If you want, you can install to the portal more and more tools for business tasks fulfilment. It concerns different requests and visiting tables with reports, systems of partners and clients relations management.
Goals for information portal development are:
  • Provision of communication between all the participant of the company business – employees, customers, partners and suppliers and provision of a single access to all the information considering local distribution
  • Integration with different information systems (CRM, ERP, accounting programmes, financial, expert systems, documentation workflow systems, which are not interconnected and are used separately) to provide an integral approach to business and decision making by top-managers of the company
Other possibilities of corporate portals
  • Majority of companies have several general network folders where they keep documents of the company with usual size of 100 – 1000 megabite and even more. A corporate portal will provide simultaneous work with documents: search, classification, attribute information
  • The portal enables work with systems of clients, partners and suppliers relations management
  • Information about employees
    • Single data base of employees and departments
    • Quick search of information about an employs
    • Updated employee card (photo, contact information, operational sphere)
    • Quick contact with an employee, control of employees' availability at the portal
    • Information of an employee's absence, absence calendar
    • New employees lists and staff changes lists, honours board, birthdays and other functions
    • Personal account of an employee with extended functions (personal documents, photo- and video information, blog, personal calendar an etc.)
  • Information about the company
    • General information about departments, history, values and corporate culture
    • Official news (orders, instructions, rules)
    • Events calendar
    • Photo - and video-reports about company's actions
    • Important news in the sphere of operation, import possibility from third-parties
    • Contact information and attributes for a quick access
  • Corporate information management
    • Libraries of corporate documents with general access and possibility of work through browsed and Explorer (network discs)
    • Work with documents from the portal with Microsoft Office help
    • Documents from the portal workflow system
    • Control of documents versions from the portal
    • Access isolation to the documents
    • Management of multy-media materials (photos, videos)
  • Corporate search
    • Full text search of information located at the portal
    • Instantaneous indexing of updated and new documents
    • Search for internal contents of the documents (DOCX, XLSX, DOC, XLS, PPTX, PPT, PDF, RTF, ODS and others)
    • Flexible setting of search results ranging
    • Consideration of access rights of an employee when reflecting search results
    • Extended language of search queries
    • Federal search: showing of different search results for one query (news, employees, documents, etc.)
  • Teamwork and social networks
    • Creation of working or project groups for common discussion and decision upon production and non-production problems
    • Flexible setting of groups functions and access rights for different smeployees grops
    • Events calendar of the group and its members
    • Group meetings organization
    • Business issues organization
    • Tasks and goals of the group members, planning, fulfilment control
    • Reporting on tasks fulfilment by group members
    • Documentation library for the group, versions and updates control
    • Photos of the group
  • Business processes
    • Informational workflow at the portal
    • Adjustable web-forms (creation of electronic requests with necessary margins), assignment of employees responsible for the adjustment
    • Automation of requests support within Help Desk system, control of the requests ongoing
    • Work (project) groups creation, including tasks assignment and their fulfilment control
    • Meetings organization, invitations sending and confirmation system, reports after meetings
    • Conference rooms booking (and any other rooms)
    • Adjustable post notifications about any event at the portal
  • Internal corporate communications
    • Instantaneous messages exchange within portal
    • Event calendars of different level, including possibility of mutual integration
    • Meetings / notification
    • Open and closed issue related forums
    • Photo galleries: private and public
    • Inquiries and questionnaire surveys of employees
    • Interactive possibilities: inquiries, reports
    • Adjustable web-forms (creation of electronic requests with necessary margins)
    • FAQ service
    • Automatic system of requests receipt and processing, including possibility to view the status
  • Employees training and resting
    • Creation of non-limited number of training courses
    • Questions after lesson, tests for self control
    • Certification tests to estimate how users learned the course
    • Testing log, including balls received by a used after a test, number of attempts
    • Automatic results determination
    • Flexible system of access rights to training courses

Creation of a promotional site is a prior task for many companies, aimed at dynamic development of their business.
Development of advertising sites with usage of the latest Web-technologies and correct promotion of such sites in the Internet, reveals manifold possibilities for new customers attraction.
Creation of a promotional site with interesting unique design often plays the leading role in the process of sales rate increase.
Creation of a promotional site is a recipe for success and prosperity of any company which is aimed at goods and services sales.
By ordering creation of a promotional site in our company, you will receive a unique design, latest Web-technologies usage, professional approach to creation of a convenient programme.

Web-site is an issue-related Internet-project including huge amount of information which is updated everyday and representing as a rule not a single company, but a specific market niche.
Web-sites development is much more difficult that development of ordinary sites. Time and money expenditures are greater from the very beginning. However an advertising website is a site whish earns profits. It is estimated that a such a project, in case it is correctly developed, turns to self-sufficiency mode during the first year or operation, during the second year and all the further years, it earns profits.

In case your company already has a web-site and needs to improve its design an at the same time to preserve its corporate style and stare money, than redesigning is the best solution.
In case the site should be improved and preserve its design, then you need site modernization.

Web-site support means updating of textual and graphical information at the site, provision of fail safety in site work, creation of back-up copies.
The idea of promotion by search is to attract to your site visitors from SE systems by increasing visibility of the site according to a range of queries.
Promotion is provided according to the most important for you business queries. Contextual advertising is a text advertising containing a link to the site of the advertiser and appearing at a search of issue-related site among key words search results and matching key words.

Complementary modules

If your site created by other developers doesn't satisfy you, contact us and we will provide you a significant discount for reconstruction and improvement.
Moreover, we will help you to eliminate problems, which lead to site indexing banning by SE systems, and which resulted from unsuccessful site promotion attempts.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request and on the basis of MS-SQL and ASP.NET MVC (C# + EF/LINQ)
The products are designed for well-defined business tasks.