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Slavin - Internet Technologies company provides Web-applications development services on the basis of the clients' multiple requests.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request.

Unique ERP and CRM Internet systems

ERP system is an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning System and it means a corporate information system (CIS), used for control and management automation. As a rule, ERP-systems are based on modules and cover all the key processes of the company operations.

ERP-system (Enterprise Resource Planning System) is an information system used for control and planning of all the resources utilized by the company; for goods selling and producing; for raw materials purchase and control and also for all the means, used in processes of main production manufacturing and third-party orders fulfillment.

The main function of ERP-systems is in search of interconnections between all the departments and in creation of a single data base, which will include all the necessary information about the company, services provided, production, work of all the departments of the company, etc.

Services used in ERP-systems help to conduct production planning, shape orders inflow and estimate possibility of their fulfillment by departments of the company and at the same time enable to consider the sales amounts.

Functions of ERP systems
ERP-systems are base on the principle of a single data base, which includes all the corporate information and which enable a simultaneous access by any number of authorized employees. The data modification is provided by functions (functional abilities) of the system. The main functions of ERP-system are: sales and production plans formation; planning of necessary materials and spare parts, terms and amounts of deliveries needed to fulfill the production plans; supplies and purchases management: contracts support, centralized purchases, reserves control and optimizing at stocks and workshops; manufacturing capacity planning: general planning and any piece of machinery and equipment usage planning; operating financial control: including financial plan composing and its fulfillment control, fiscal accounting and management accounts; project management, including planning of stages and resources.

Out company provides development of Internet-assisted ERP-systems:
  • System of enterprise resources planning
  • System of corporate documents flow
  • System of sales management
  • System of corporate goals achievement
  • System of capital assets management
  • System of enterprise operating management
  • System of logistics management
  • System of supply chains management
  • System of stocks management
  • System of technical service management
  • System of interrelation with clients management
  • System of human resources management
Thus, functions of ERP-system are available via Internet. This helps the company's employees to be mobile and get access to the information regardless of their location and far from their working place.

Requirements for Internet-assisted ERP-system usage are minimal, and access to the system and the data is absolutely secure. To start or continue work in this ystem, you need only computer with Internet-browser and Internet connection, you have to get authotization (the procedure is easy and secure, and if needed it can include usage of certificates nd e-Token), furthermore, your Internet-browser in connected to the server, where the ERP-system is located. The connection is provided via SSL – that is a cryptographic protocol, secures the coded data transfer via Internet. The SSL usage is characterized by creation of secure connection between client and the server.

Main advantage of Internet-assisted ERP-systems in comparison to ordinary ERP-systems are the following:
  • no expenses for every working place organization
  • it doesn't need installment at the working place
  • is independent from number of working places
  • secure data transfer

On-line contact base (Internet-CRM)
In case your company employs many distant managers or your company has many contact information (suppliers, purchasers, freelance employees), the closed site part can be turned into an extended variant of a notebook or a reduced variant of CRM.
This on-line data base can include information of all your contact persons, records of cooperation with them. You can quickly check a telephone number, email, address, contact person. The base can include records of your cooperation. You can always find information about supplier or customer operations. If needed you cab keep there even information of source documents, invoices and payment availability.

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We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request and on the basis of MS-SQL and ASP.NET MVC (C# + EF/LINQ)
The products are designed for well-defined business tasks.