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19.04.2024   |  Development and support of Internet projects, Web sites, software…
Slavin - Internet Technologies company provides Web-applications development services on the basis of the clients' multiple requests.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request.

Graphic design of magazines and books covers and other printed materials

Book cover design should create am image, Book cover is an incentive for a purchaser to buy it to get to know its contents. Book cover should sell the book, it is a showcase which intrigues, interests, provokes for certain actions. That is why the cover should impress people, arouse interest and positive emotions and surely it should transfer the whole idea of the book.

We offer the total service package:
  • Creation of drafts and design of books starting from ordinary black-and white in limp covers and to complex coloured with lettering (exclusive hard cover), insertions and tippings
  • We will prepare cover drafts and contents of a book that will become basis for a full-scale design and draft of the book. Moreover, our specialists will make a selection of images and fonts
  • We will provide page-proof and work out all illustrations for the book (photos scanning, colours correction and brushing, vectors drawing)
  • We will provide you with the package ready for printing on an electronic media
Painters of the studio search unique variants for every project. No beaten images and boring stereotypes! All variants for covers graphic design are created individually.

We guarantee:
  • Creative approach to any client
  • Provision of 2 preliminary covers drafts not later than within 7 working days
  • Creation of a cover draft considering the Customer's requirements
We fulfil our promises. Draft and design of a book or a magazine, as a part of cover graphic design create a unique image which is extremely attractive for readers and makes them take a book for reading or at least having look at it. Books design drafts are as different as the books contents. Covers may be dark and light, coloured and shadeless, illustrated or without pictures.

Order of a book cover designing adds much to image of a company as well as for the order performer. Every printed material, designed by our web-studio is unique and unordinary.

Books and magazines translation
Our company provides services of books and magazines translation. We have a large experience of cooperation with many publishing houses.
Our corporate policy in the sphere of translation in based upon complex approach to cost of the services. We offer very reasonable prices for high-quality translation of your texts, which can be surely published.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request and on the basis of MS-SQL and ASP.NET MVC (C# + EF/LINQ)
The products are designed for well-defined business tasks.