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16.07.2024   |  Development and support of Internet projects, Web sites, software…
Slavin - Internet Technologies company provides Web-applications development services on the basis of the clients' multiple requests.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request.

Increase of site loading speed

Upon your opinion, what attracts most attention of a new visitor of your site?
Surely, first of all, the visitor is aware of convenient site usage and necessary information acquiring. That is why you should do as much as possible to make visitors like your site and make them return and order and purchase again and again.

Now imagine that the customer has to wait patiently as the next site page is loading. The texts are shown not as a whole, but part by part, images are shown not immediately but gradually, as new blocks appear, the loaded ones change their position of the page. And this happens at every page. How will the visitor react in such a situation? You are absolutely right, the visitor will turn to your competitors site, which works much quicker.

Let's try to find out which processes and elements influence web-pages loading speed.
  • Amount and characteristics of data base queries. In case you data base includes many notes, the queries should be optimized correctly or replaced by cashing technology regarding independent blocks as well as whole pages.
  • Loading speed is highly influenced by images which are used for site pages proof. As a rule, majority of the images can be lessened in size with their quality preserved. This measure will influence site work positively.
  • HTML-code of the site should be optimized as well as contents of css-files and files with javascripts. Here not only manual search optimizing can help, but also instalment to the server of special modules which provide possibility to send the compressed or archived page content to the client's browser.
  • You should remember that in case of usage at site pages of scripts which are located on other host systems, for example visits rating counter, you will be dependent not only on your server operating speed, but also on the speed of the server that you are applying to. That's why it is important to install at site pages only those counters which you really need.
Slavin - Internet Technologies company offers you a complex service package "Increase of site loading speed", which will help you not only hold at the site the visitors who have already come, but also will help to attract new visitors.

Our work is divided into two stages:
  • First stage includes overall analysis of your site:
    • Analysis of parameters and possible opportunities of the hosting
    • Defining of main parameters of site pages downloading (time of loading, average loading time for a day, weight of html, css, javascript-files, presence of counters, images size, etc.)
    • Analysis of site management system (in case there is one)
    • Diagnosis of errors at site operation (non-existing pages presence, reference to non-existing files, errors in program code)
    • Search for the best solutions of the site loading speed problem
    As soon as the first stage of works is finished, the customer is reported about the held analysis, and futhermore the customer receives recommendations for increase of the site loading speed in case he wants to do it independently.
  • The second stage is characterized by taking measures for increase of the site loading speed. The main measures are:
    • Installation and setting on a server of special programms, which help to increase speed of information transfer between the customer's browser and the server and also lessen weight of the transferred files
    • Pages HTML-code optimizing, css-files weight lessening
    • Lessening of downloaded images weight
    • Optimizing of the management system proram code and the client's part of the site, extra models creation
    • Cashing of the site components or its full pages
    Pages loading speed can be optimized for almost any web-site in the Internet. The result will be visible soon.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request and on the basis of MS-SQL and ASP.NET MVC (C# + EF/LINQ)
The products are designed for well-defined business tasks.