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30.05.2024   |  Development and support of Internet projects, Web sites, software…
Slavin - Internet Technologies company provides Web-applications development services on the basis of the clients' multiple requests.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request.

Escort Express

Why we recommend choosing Escort Express? It is the perfect solution if you want to have a site which comes with a perfectly made content management system that allows you to update and control your website easily. It is perfect for both escort agencies and independent escorts. You may not have the computer knowledge or programming skills – we've designed a product that is very simple in use. Slavin – Internet Technologies offers you the design and the Content Management System all in one price!
Here are some features that we offer:
  • Add, edit or delete escorts, their photos, videos, rates and all kinds of information you would like to share without limitations
  • Divide your escorts by different categories and rates
  • Add, edit or delete appearance/travel schedule of the escorts
  • Advanced contact form for each escort with a specific request field for choosing an escort, date, time and location of meeting
  • Add, edit or delete photos, banners, I-frames, texts and embedded codes in every page
  • Add, edit or delete categories and sub-categories
  • News & specials section for updating the announcements and publishing information about special rates
  • Fully control meta-tags and keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The product design includes the following pages:
  • entrance page
  • home page
  • escorts gallery
  • individual escort page
  • regular text page
  • contact page
Prices start at $1700 (including design and content management system).
The site comes in one language. 20% of the price can be added for additional languages.
All features and requests that are not listed above are paid extra.
For more information, you can contact us by e-mail or phone.
We offer portal products originally designed upon customer's request and on the basis of MS-SQL and ASP.NET MVC (C# + EF/LINQ)
The products are designed for well-defined business tasks.